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Split AC

Split AC service

WHat is included in AC Service?

  • Thorough inspection of the indoor & outdoor unit
  • Deep cleaning of the drain tray
  • Cleaning of the strainer, filters, grills, vent covers, diffusers and outdoor unit
  • Checking the refrigerant levels & topping it up
  • Before and after temperature readings
  • Recommending additional repairs if necessary

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How does a central air conditioning system work, and what does it consist of?
There is more to installing a split AC than simply taking it out of the box and mounting it on the wall. Expertise is necessary for assuring a good air conditioning installation, but few people are aware of this because it is not easily noticeable. If you want your air conditioner installed properly, then you need hire a reputable business in Dubai.

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In other words, when you schedule a service with us, you’ll be asked for details that will be used to determine a set pricing, which will then be displayed to you. Your split AC installation will be completed by our highly skilled technicians, who will arrive at your home on the scheduled date and time, ready to get to work. They’ll think about whether the units will be used indoors or outside and make sure they have everything they need before installing the boxed unit. The unit will be installed with attention paid to its level and balance, its wiring and plumbing, and the removal of any debris or dust that may have entered the unit throughout the process. If you skip any of these processes, you run the risk of poor performance, costly repairs, or property damage down the road.

Even though air conditioning installations are rarely unexpected, we offer a same-day service that guarantees a technician will be at your house by 6 o’clock that night.

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