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Furniture wrap

Affordable Furniture Wrapping

When it comes to renovating your interior or remodeling the office, vinyl finishes are a terrific way to create a nicer environment that looks new, but without the price tag of having to buy new office furniture!

Contrary to popular belief, vinyl wrap isn’t solely used to wrap vehicles. It’s versatile enough to cover a wide range of commercial furniture, from desks to cabinets.

1.) Simple implementation
It’s easy to apply vinyl wrap and it results in very little inconvenience to your business. Businesses may often continue running without any noise, mess or waste.

2.) Minimal intrusion
The worst part of any business refurbishment is usually the business having to close down for a couple of days. With vinyl finishes, you won’t need to close your business. You also won’t have to worry about any bad paint stink, and as vinyl doesn’t require drills or machines to install, it means there’s little noise and interruption and your business can function as usual.

3.) Endless application opportunities
Due to the flexibility of the film, you can redesign your ceilings, walls, facades, doors, columns, bars, closets, lifts, partitions and much more.

4.) Maximize your budget
Vinyl treatments are cost-effective and offer the same look and feel of natural materials. Vinyl covers often cost 1/8th of the cost compared to investing in new interiors. In addition, as you have less wastage, you won’t need to worry about the expense of skip hire and waste removers.

In addition to the other benefits listed in point #5, the procedure is also quite easy to follow.
As vinyl upgrades don’t require your furniture to be hauled away. It’s frequently a short and straightforward process. Many firms remain running while the furniture is being replaced.

6.) Environmentally Friendly
By reusing old fixtures and furniture, it will not only decrease expenses, but it will also contribute to a sustainable use of resources.

7.) Thousands of unique patterns
Vinyl finishes give so much choice when it comes to style. With over a thousand dynamic patterns, you’re rather spoilt for choice. Additionally, external, abrasion-resistant, and ultra matt treatments are all available.

8.) Long-lasting
One of the major benefits of vinyl enhancements is that they are long-lasting and do not fade. For exterior wraps, you may choose from thousands of UV resistant wraps so that you can be confident the colours look as they should in the coming years too.

9.) Strong and durable
Vinyl coatings from us are built to last. Impact testing have revealed that they demonstrate superior performance. This is vital for protecting against any scrapes and blemishes.

10.) Fire tested and approved
Our vinyl wraps fulfill fire certification criteria, giving both installers and clients piece of mind. You can be certain of rigorous and extensive testing and classification requirements to meet performance norms required for wall covering in order to protect your business.

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