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AC Maintenance in Dubai 24/7

AC service in Dubai - AC Repair in Dubai - AC Maintenance in Dubai

Say Goodbye to Dust and Dirt with Our Professional AC Maintenance!"

AC Repair in Dubai

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HVAC Service

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A to Z AC Services

AC service in Dubai

Common Problems in AC

Emergency Repairs

we provide all kinds of emergency ac repairs.

AC not blowing cold air

Don't worry, our experienced techs can diagnose and fix AC cooling issues.

AC Dripping Water Inside

We can stop AC drainage line clogs and prevent further water damage.

Grinding Noise from AC

our technicians determine the cause and stop the annoying grinding sounds.

High Energy Bills

We'll tune up your AC to maximize efficiency and reduce costs.

Not Turning On

Don't panic if your AC won't start - our techs can troubleshoot the issue.

Strange Smells

We'll find the source of any unusual odors coming from your AC and fix it.

Thermostat Not Working

We'll find the source of any unusual odors coming from your AC and fix it.

Are you Facing any Mentioned issues?

  1. – AC not cooling
  2. – AC gas refilling
  3. – AC gas leakage fix
  4. – AC error code diagnosis
  5. – AC thermostat repair
  6. – AC deep cleaning
  7. -AC coil repair
  8. – AC filter cleaning
  9. – AC disinfection
  10. – New AC installation

Is your AC not providing cool air? Is it leaking gas or water? At SamraFM Dubai, our qualified technicians provide expert AC repair, maintenance and installation services tailored to your needs.

we provide the best AC cleaning and maintenance.

– Faulty cooling due to refrigerant leakage
– AC gas leakage detection and resolution
– Thermostat and compressor repair
– Identifying AC error codes
– Blocked coil cleaning

We professionally install new AC units of any size and cooling capacity based on your space requirements.

With 10+ years of experience, we service all AC brands. Contact SamraFM Dubai for your AC needs today!